We’re pleased and proud to announce that Salar Flaky Smoked Salmon
has now been added to a wider range of Loch Duart smoked salmon products, and,
to continue to enjoy the great 'Flaky' taste, please order Loch Duart Oak Roasted Flaky Salmon.

Here you can see the old and new packs
– the good news is that what is inside remains deliciously the same.


Our online shop is now on www.lochduartsmokedsalmon.com
Go there to order Loch Duart Oak Roasted Flaky Salmon and why not try our
Cold Smoked Salmon and Hot Smoked Salmon with Honey and Thyme as well?
All our smoked products are handmade exclusively from Loch Duart Salmon.

If you have any questions please call us on 01870 610324 or email sales@lochduartsmokedsalmon.com

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